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About Us

About Us

We work to leave an unforgettable print on every project we embark on, by telling the story better and ensuring it gets to the right audience.

Who We Are

Sidomex Publishing is a newly emerging independent publishing company based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Owing to the fact that several writers have suddenly begun to unleash long buried tales, the supply has not met the demand. While there are a number of publishers in Nigeria already, we feel that there are not enough publishers to give enough stories an audience. We intend to tackle this issue head-on.

Our mission is to find a home for important untold stories, to change people’s lives through stories which were written specifically for that purpose.

We have a team of talented editors and proofreaders who are ready to make your book the best version of itself. Our team of dedicated professionals are deeply passionate about working with selected authors from submission to book launch in order to make sure that the best results are achieved without filtering the quality of the content. We are committed to creating the important connection between readers and writers that is needed to foster a strong bond for the stories to grow.

Importantly, we care about the author’s legal rights and will do our best to protect the author’s intellectual property while doing our job and projecting the stories to the communities where they will have the most impact.

Sidomex Publishing is a subsidiary of Sidomex Universal, a visionary company which seeks to become one of the foremost entertainment companies in Nigeria. Waxing stronger every day, it will no doubt achieve its mission in no time.


Being passionate about what we do brings out the best in our delivery.


Our originality separates us from others and keeps us ahead of the pack


Quality and excellence defines our approach to our products and services


A solid support on your project from start to finish. This we guarantee all our clients.