Sidomex Publishing is a publishing company that provides services such as printing, editing and proofreading, marketing,
translation, profit sharing, cover design, and more to authors.
The following terms and conditions guide the use of our website

1. We retain the rights to change the terms stated in this section without first informing users of the website. This
includes both minor and major changes that may need to be effected immediately due to new laws, insights or any other
2. Users of Sidomex Publishing website agree to follow the following rules while engaging with other users:
  • To stay respectful at all times and not use curse words.
  • To never threaten others with physical harm and violence.
  • To never use racist slurs, sexual derogatory terms, or gender abuses.
  • To not express self-harm or encourage it unless it is clearly stated as an expression of art.
  • To not post sensitive images.
  • To not post about political affiliations or use the platform to support a political movement.
3. We restrict users from using our resources for personal purposes or on other platforms, unless after we authorise it. Our resources include materials that we share to the public on our website and those that users share with us as well. In the case of using another user’s resource found on our platform, please notify us.
4. As a user of Sidomex Publishing website, you are required to follow the rules stated in this section and be fair in your use of the website.
5. Sidomex Publishing is not liable for what users say and do, but we will do what we see as the ‘best’ in our capacity to respond to queries and settle disagreements that may arise. Since we may not vet all comments that users share, we encourage concerned users to reach out to us first if they have an issue with something they come across on this website.
6. We may share users’ comments on our website with the public and use it in promotions as well. However, if it bothers on ‘intellectual property’ we will contact the user first before using it. While we determine if a content shared with us is an
‘intellectual property’, users are welcome to send their query to us via our contact info at the end of this section.
7. We may block or restrict access to our website or some sections of it for many reasons that you can find out after sending your query to us via our contact info at the end of this section.
8. For legal issues and further clarification, you can contact us with a well-written request.
9. Contact information:
You can reach us via the details on the footer.
-Please note that the contact information above is not for submissions or publishing details. If you want to reach us for submissions or publishing details, send an email to: info@sidomexuniversal.com or call: +234 805 033 1204